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MTotalBundle 8.06 changes
NOTE: Multiparameter Speed of 200ms is now default to all multiparameters. This may cause backward compatibility issues, if you quickly modulated multiparameters. In that case please just lower the Speed value to 0ms.

Added MRecorder free plugin and MAmp vintage amp simulator.
Improved signal generator randomizer.
Added random preset button to each preset window, which selects and loads random preset from selected folder.
Several performance improvements.
Added enable buttons to the tabs in MMultiBandGranular.
Added DC blocker into prefiltering section for MMultiBandFreqShifter and MFreqShifter.
Added several new filters to MWobbler.
Added randomize button to oscillator shape editors.
Added Shuffle parameter to MRhythmizer and MMultiBandRhythmizer.
Improved plugin resizing in some Windows hosts.
Added Enable button to modulator windows.
Added HP/LP filters to MAutoVolume.
MIDI settings are now available from the main plugin view.
Improved styles and visual design.
Double click on an item in MIDI settings displays a parameter selection window now.
Added multiparameter Speed, which smartly interpolates the associated values to avoid potential audio artifacts and can even be used creatively.
Added preset rename feature.
Presets can now be dragged in the preset list to change order.
Presets can now contain text information.
Improved step sequencer editor graphical quality.
MVintageRotary and MRotary no longer causes CPU override when models are changed.
ADSR editor contains units and provides better visualisation.
presets are now sorted by name.
Only one MIDI conroller/note controller can be learned at once now to avoid confusion when learning multiple at once.
Added fundamental (1st harmonic) level to signal generator transformations.
Added Action On&Off parameters for modulator envelope mode, which lets you control how should the envelope be triggered.
Added Mode parameter to Random tab of all modulators, which controls the random behaviour.
Added benchmark feature which lets you measure the CPU consumption, so that you can optimize the settings, compare different hosts and computers etc.
Fix: MDynamics and MMultiBandDynamics gain reduction meter, zoomer and units were invisible.
Fix: MMultiBandPhaser and MPhaser could get ultraexcited by certain signals with some settings.
Fix: LFO in envelope mode could become dysfunctional when fed with certain MIDI note sequence.
Fix: MMultiBandFreqShifter and MFreqShifter responded differently in different sampling rates. There may be a minor sound difference for sampling rates higher than 48kHz.
Fix: Signal generator advanced settings and harmonics generator randomize didn’t work.
Fix: Band bypass in multiband plugins with latency caused comb filtering.
Fix: MCompressor didn’t report correct gain reduction if input gain or output gain was non-0dB.
Fix: Time meter units for -80dB and -40dB axes were displaying incorrect values when zoomed in a lot.
Fix: Unmaximizing a popup window on Mac could make its content messed up.
Fix: Mac Command key now acts like Ctrl to avoid conflict with the «standard» Ctrl+Click being right-mouse click.
Fix: Edit areas in equalizers could crash on Mac.
Fix: Numpad didn’t work on Mac.
Fix: Enabling & disabling a modulator via automation/modulation didn’t restore the original parameter values.
Fix: Preset < > buttons didn’t follow the sorted order of folders.

Формат: VST, VST3, AU
Разрядность: 32bit, 64bit
Таблэтка: Присутствует

Системные требования:
WindowsXP/Vista/7/8 (32 & 64)
VST/VST3 compatible host
Note: use 32-bit plugins for 32-bit hosts even if you are using 64-bit Windows
Mac OS X
Mac OS X (10.5+, 32 & 64)
VST/VST3/AU compatible host
Intel/AMD processor

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