Rhythmic Robot Audio — ShortWave (KONTAKT)


Синтезатор на основе радиоволн, помех, атмосферных аномалий и тому подобного.

Somewhere out there in the night sky, lurking between the signals, are the real sounds of shortwave radio: the tuning squeals and howls; the strange, pulsing, stuttering waveforms; the cyclic, droning hums; the hiss and roar and crackle of cosmic radiation hitting the ionosphere. They have a strange and compelling power, calling to us, luring us further and further out…
And then there are the disembodied voices, auditory glimpses of ham radio operators in dusty attics, forgotten cold-war numbers stations broadcasting codes to embedded spies, late-night broadcasts from a hundred countries all vying for a scrap of bandwidth to call their own. We’ve sought them out and brought them home.

Издатель: Rhythmic Robot Audio
Сайт: Rhythmic Robot Audio
Качество: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo
Размер: 249.4 MB

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