Taleweaver — Ancient Heavy Boxes (KONTAKT)


Библиотека ударных. Ваншоты, используются разные «инструменты» для звукоизвлечения.

The «Ancient Heavy Boxes» is an Instrument Sample Library for Native Instruments’ Kontakt 5. Isn’t it obvious what is so special about this library? Ten cardboard-boxes have been recorded in different positions and styles. We used sticks, brushes, hammers and a few other things to hit, scratch and smashed them. After recording over 5.000 samples we chose the best 2.500 to create 15 unique patches. And the result is stunning!
Yap. But it sounds great!
Boxes? Made of paper? Hit with drumsticks?! Yeah, we know how crazy that sounds. But recorded in the right way they really sound fantastic! We found out that paperboxes have a special unique sound that can give some very interesting edge to a track. Even the music-genre doesn’t matter. The «Ancient Heavy Boxes» can be used in Cinematic Trailer tracks as good as they fit in Indie Rock songs acting like big tom drums. Just open your mind and play around.
Most of the patches consist of 10 white playable keys so you have one and a half octaves to experiment with these special drum sounds. As always our library is completely dry so it will be very easy to integrate this library in your template by using your own reverbs.

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